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27 Sep
NeedToKnow-Bits, 26/9/97

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Subject: NeedToKnow-Bits, 26/9/97

Excerpted-from: NTK Now, 26/9/97

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                               >> ANTI-NEWS <<
                             berating the obvious

         "Banner Ads Are Annoying", reveals DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF...
         CONNECT to cease publishing... "Infants Have Keen Memory
         For Learning Words", psychologists uncover... PLAYSTATION
         PLUS "relaunching".. Julia Roberts to appear in FOUR
         WEDDINGS sequel... Economists "still can't measure any
         productivity gain" from billions spent on IT... mobile
         phones cause "lapses in concentration"... Mute relaunches
         in handy new 2000AD-style format... CD-ROM TODAY merging
         with PC GUIDE... British Interactive Broadcasting boss
         plans to "overtake Internet use within 18 months"... Larry
         Ellison demo backfires when NC application freezes, entire
         network crashes... "Intel suspected of unfair practice", PC
         PRO guesses wildly...  SHIFT CONTROL to end publication...
         NZ hero teenager didn't "solve" Y2K bug after all...

                                >> TRACKING <<
                   Web site come by this way two moons past

         Okay, worthiness over. Here's a utility that pulls
         passwords from a Windows 95 machine. REVELATION is 15KB
         long, pulls the passwords from the cache, and exposes this
         whole "storing passwords in memory as plaintext" nightmare
         we've been on about before. Many security analysts have
         been using it as a way of showing Windoze users the
         benefits of NT's secure systems. Right. Excuse me while we
         choke on our cola.  can we have our fix now, Mr Gates?

         The REALAUDIO 5 BETA hits the already punch-drunk Net
         listeners next week, promising "even nearer CD quality over
         28.8". Well, we'll believe *that* when we hear it. Oh, and
         something calling itself "THE INTERNET EXPLORER - VERSION
         4.0" is being released by Microsoft in a characteristically
         tasteful and low-key manner. Apparently it's a utility for
         PC users who feel their machines run too fast. Look out
         mentions of it on TV, radio, food, drink, and
         subcutaneously tattooed onto the inside of your eyelids as
         you sleep.             battling those bad MP3 boys can *anyone* get on this site anymore?

         DR HERMANS' new Web site offers the online purchase of
         bongs, pipes, seeds, and "smoking paraphernalia" in the UK.
         Hmm. This isn't some sort of drug thing that we're missing
         out on, is it?       bet he's not a real doctor

                                >> MEMEPOOL <<
                              hasta la altavista

         XXX Prize offers $1 million to first sub-orbital sex act...
         Are there really 100,000 copies of Peter Gabriel's Eve
         lying in a warehouse?... keep cool, Cyberjunky et al...
         Jenni off of Jennicam to launch weekly streaming video
         show... MicroAnvika's hold music... Bill Jillians is
         back... Demon's IP number sneaked into "Hackers"... ...  Steve
         Bennett, Kevin Warwick - MEDIA WHORES... the Army used the
         Welsh to carry codes in the War... the Campaign Against "
         double-you-double-you-double-you-dot"... ... the handbag contained
         cocaine... "Teach yourself COBOL in 21 days" hits tech
         bestseller list: Y2K hero teens suspected... Mir to use
         docking program from Elite... Congrats, Dave Garaffa... so
         what does Compaq need a $4 billion credit line for?...
         "Like a cheapo knock-off Maglite with dead batteries in"...
         Telehouse is on the Greenwich Meridian (and a nexus of
         celtic laylines)

                               >> GEEK MEDIA <<

         MOVIES >> CONTACT (imdb: "sci-fi / drama / faith / atheist
         / scientists / astronomy / father-daughter / alien-contact
         / prime-numbers ") is appallingly acted, has some daft
         sentimental moments plus an ending that's almost not 2001-
         ish enough, yet - thanks mainly to a different twist to the
         book ( - is arguably *the best
         geek film of the year*... alternatively, don't let that
         Hamish Macbeth guy, Damon Albarn or yet another failed-
         heist plot put you off FACE (imdb: drama / gangs) - still,
         probably more laughs than the usual Canadian gloom from
         Atom "Exotica" Egoyan in THE SWEET HEREAFTER (imdb: drama /
         road accident / lawyers / dead kids - alright, I'm making
         it up now...)

         BOOKS >> Now that Amazon's revamped and all those dull
         Updike clones have checked out, it's time for *you* to
         check out the latest batch of US-only book releases.
         Straight in at the heart of the NTK demographic is Richard
         Handley's THE METAPHYSICS OF STAR TREK (ISBN: 0465091245) -
         a sub-Hofstadter muse on identity, time-paradoxes and that
         old is-Data-isn't-Data-human dichotomy. Logic-choppers will
         love to debate whether this is, in fact, the same book as
         THE MEANING OF STAR TREK (ISBN: 0385484372)... IRC's
         Eggdrop, CancelMOOSE and - most bizarrely - Hunt the Wumpus
         are part of the rich tapestry of Andrew LEONARD'S BOTS: THE
         ORIGIN OF A NEW SPECIES (ISBN: 1888869054), but somehow he
         pulls it off in a storming read... For the committed
         americanophobe, we recommend Jim Goad's scouring defence of
         Poor White Trash in THE REDNECK MANIFESTO (ISBN:
         0684831139) - not quite up to his Answer Me! Days, but
         worth checking out on Amazon for the table of contents
         alone. And it'll pass the time while you await with
         something close to stark terror pomo-funster Mark Leyner's
         0517701014), billed by the author as his "first 100 percent
         BONA FIDE NOVEL--story, characters, everything!". Wh-wh-
         what, *everything*?

                               >> CORRIGENDA <<
         Look, we did say we were slacking off during the MiniNTK
         interregnum, didn't we? Thanks to Joseph Gallivan for
         pointing out that our "US campsites to pay $1 per camper
         for campsong rights" story was, and we quote, "bollocks".
         The correct figure was $1, for all rights, for everyone;
         somewhat different. NTK regrets the error. Also, we picked
         up an mistake in the US Delphi/Mindspring deal snipe -
         Mindspring didn't get all the Delphi customer base: just
         the dial-up guys. All 1,100 of them. NTK regrets this error
         a bit less, because that's *such* a pathetic figure (thanks
         to Robert Seidman for both story and correction). Also, in
         last week's issue, in the sentence promising an exciting
         competition next week, "next week" should be amended to
         read "the week after next", the word "exciting" should be
         replaced with "long overdue", and the word "promise" should
         be altered to "hope in vain".

                              >> SMALL PRINT <<

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