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27 Sep
MRSOTW - (More Racial Stereotypes . . .) - 9/27/97

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Subject: MRSOTW - (More Racial Stereotypes . . .) - 9/27/97

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An Atlantic City tour bus crashes on its way down the New Jersey Turnpike,
killing three couples that were on board.  The couples are Jewish, Irish,
and Greek.  St. Peter (who appears to have had a tough, stereotype-ridden
day) greets the couples at the Pearly Gates and asks them a few questions:

St. Peter addresses the first husband: "What is your name?"

"My name is Moishe Rabinowitz."

"Why do you feel you deserve to be here in heaven?"

"Well, we were a very religious couple of the Hebrew faith, no offense, and
we raised three very good boys, all menshes.  We gave to charity and never
disobeyed the word of God.  That, I feel, merits our being here."

St. Peter turns to the first wife: "What is your name?"

"My name is Penny..."

St. Peter interrupts angrily and says, "That's it; out you go .... all you
Jews ever think about is money, money, money.  OUT!"

The Irish couple comes forward and St. Peter asks the same questions.  The
husband replies that his name is Sean Murphy and that, although they have
no children, it was the will of God and they accepted it, continuing to go
to the Catholic church and praying every day while following the word of
Christ in their lives.  This they feel merits their entrance through the
gates of heaven.

When St. Peter asks the wife her name, she replies "My name is Sherry..."

St. Peter again becomes angry shouting "That's it!  Booze, booze, booze,
thats all you Irish ever think about!  OUT!"

At this point the Greek husband turns to his wife and says "Fanny, I think
we have a problem..."

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