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28 Sep
The Comedian's-eye View of 09/29/97

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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 97 13:28:06 -0700
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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 09/29/97

Excerpted-from: 09/29/97 -- ShopTalk

                         Monday September 29, 1997

	"Already, people are starting to feel sympathy for Albert.  NBC will
	air a one-hour special: "Marv Albert:  The People's Princess."

	"O.J. Simpson, Marv Albert ... I want to tell you something -- NBC
	needs to add a new question to their sportcaster employment
	application: "Are you a lying, wife-beating, homicidal nutcase or
	cross-dressing, sadomasochistic, nymphomaniac cannibal?"  If yes,
	you start Monday."
				(Jim Rosenberg)


"Steven Seagal says a local militia group in Montana has threatened him over
the movie about a militia he is making there and asked the FBI to
investigate," says the Olympia Daily World.  "'We don't want to stop his
film,' claims one militia member.  'We just want him to stop his singing.'"

"Just in time for Halloween, the Postal Service is issuing commemorative
stamps honoring legendary monsters," says Bob Mills.  "The Dracula stamp
has been especially designed for use on IRS returns."

"Wednesday was Rep. Joe Kennedy's 42nd birthday.  Actually, it was his 45th,
but he got three years annulled." (Jay Leno)

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