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30 Sep
The Top 15 Politically Correct Sports Team Names

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Subject: The Top 15 Politically Correct Sports Team Names

Excerpted-from: Top5 - 9/29/97 - Politically Correct Sports Teams

       T  H  E     T  O  P     F  I  V  E     L  I  S  T
   Improper use could result in serious injury or even death.
                       September 29, 1997

       The Top 15 Politically Correct Sports Team Names

15> Los Angeles Conscientious Objectors

14> Oakland Venture Capitalist Free Market Entrepreneurial

13> Green Bay Efficient Utilizers of All Available Free Space

12> Purdue Boilermakers Local 151 - DNC contributors since 1948

11> Chicago Just-Pass-the-Ball-to-Jordans

10> Tennessee Fat-Cat Earth Rapist Billionaires Who Contribute To
    Global Warming Through Their Irresponsible Use of Fossil Fuels

 9> Washington Overzealous Sunbathers

 8> Notre Dame Violent Offenders of Gaelic Descent

 7> USC Prophylactic Aids to Prevent the Spread of Sexual Disease

 6> San Jose Attorneys

 5> San Francisco They-Wouldn't-Let-Us-Add-20-To-Our-Namers

 4> Chicago Melanin-Challenged Footwear

 3> Dallas We'd-Like-to-Still-be-America's-Team,
    But-Now-We're-Just-a-Bunch-of Drug-Users-and-Sex-Offenders

 2> Nebraska No-Means-No's

    and the Number 1 Politically Correct Sports Team Name...

 1> Montreal Pants-Deficient Rain Coat Wearers

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