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6 Oct
WOTD -=- Workaround O' The Day, 10/6/97

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Arthur Fiedler was conducting the New York Philharmonic, and one of the
works was Beethoven 5.  At the time, the New York Philharmonic was notorious
for (except in the case of REALLY eminent conductors) listening politely
and being cooperative in rehearsal; THEN, having gotten enough of the "gist"
of what the conductor was going to do that they could LOOK like they were
following, they would play the work the way THEY wanted at the concert,
completely ignoring the poor oaf on the podium.  Of course Fiedler would be
someone they would eat for lunch.  Fiedler however was aware of this.  He
rehearsed all of the other works on the program; then came the Beethoven.
He looked at the score a moment, then dismissed the orchestra saying, "Hmmm,
I think we all know this piece well enough already.  See you at the
concert."  Needless to say, at the concert he had their undivided attention!

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