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8 Oct
Linday's Deli

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The best stories come from Lindy's Deli -- the original Lindy's,
that had the cheesecake (the pastry, not the female) in the window.

    A bedraggled guy walks into Lindy's on a cold, rainy night and sits
down at a table.  The waiter pads up to take his order, and the guy says
"Bring me two eggs and a kind word, please." The waiter pads away silently.
    A few minutes later, the waiter comes back with a plate of eggs, sets
them in front of the customer, and turns to go without uttering a word.
The customer wails "Wait a minute.  What about my kind word?"  The waiter
turns, faces the customer, and says "Don't eat the eggs!"

    A Lindy's waiter, at the end of taking lunch orders from a party of
three men, asks "and to drink?"  "Water," says the first patron.  "Water
for me, too," says the second.  "I'll have water, also," says the third,
"and make sure my glass is clean!"  The waiter comes back with three glasses
of water on a tray and asks "Which one wanted the clean glass?"

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