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13 Oct
10/14 is e.e. cummings' birthday

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Subject: 10/14 is e.e. cummings' birthday

Excerpted-from: top5 - 10/14/97 - celebrating e.e. cummings' birthday

       T  H  E     T  O  P     F  I  V  E     L  I  S  T
            Not to be used as a birth control device

                        October 14, 1997
          The birthday of American poet e.e. cummings

     the top 15 ways to celebrate e.e. cummings' birthday

        (note:  for best effect, please set your e-mail
         program's font to "courier" or "courier new")

15> Rowdy English Lit students have a Shift key smashing party.

14> When you tell Sajak you want to "buy a vowel", demand the
    "lower case only" discount.

13> spongiform yeastyblob
    edible; festive.
    wanting) cake

12> As you've done to commemorate other close friends, write new
    version of "Candle In the Wind," calling it, "candleinthewind."

11>       don't
         i    know


10> Convince drunken poetry students to hold their lighters in the
    air screaming: "FREE VERSE!"

 9> Keep pestering local library for "e.e. cummings' big book of
    filthy limericks."

 8> up from
    jump) naked flower
    cake springs,
    if you know what I mean

 7> TP Maya Angelou's house again.

 6> Drink a (lower) case of Bud.

 5> Like every October 14th, join the crowd for that big ol'
    e.e. cummings parade down 5th Avenue.

 4> Invite AA Milne, BB King, CeCe Wayans, DeeDee Ramone, JJ Walker
    and LL Cool J over to watch some XX-rated movies.

 3> Try to score with k.d. lang.

 2> Buy Ted Turner's new book:  "The E.E. Cummings *Capitalized*

 and the Number 1 Way to Celebrate e.e. cummings' Birthday...

 1> throw

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