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13 Oct
Demonstrate Against Media Moguls - Thursday, 10/14, NYC

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Subject: Demonstrate Against Media Moguls - Thursday, 10/14, NYC

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The New York Free Media Alliance invites Media & Democracy Congress delegates
and the public at large to join us as we "tour" and protest

New York's "Theme Park" of Media Monopolies

New York is the media capital of the world, home of the broadcast networks
and media giants whose tentacles stretch around the globe, bringing the
world's people a steady diet of violent and celebrity-obsessed news,
controlled debates, pro-corporate fluff, junk culture, infotainment and
dis-infotainment. In short, a diet guaranteeing media malnutrition:
unhealthy for children and adults alike.

On Thursday, October 16 at 4:30PM media activists will be converging on
Midtown Manhattan to speak truth to power, to circle the headquarters of
some of our most powerful and avaricious media titans. We'll voice our
demands for democratic media-an end to media monopolies, an end to the
dumbing-down of news and the bastardization of journalism. And we'll call
for non-commercial, truly public space on the airwaves.  We'll non-violently
nail our demands to their doors. Even though it's in the best interest of
the media companies to maintain the status-quo-that's why we get the news
that tows the corporate line-the airwaves belong to the people, not to a
handful of profit-obsessed corporations.

The world-famous Bread and Puppet Theater and many concerned groups will be
joining us as we tour the canyon of skyscrapers that house the media
monopolies of MOGUL WORLD:

** 4:30 Meet in Times Square outside VIACOM, the headquarters of MTV/VH1,
outlets that turn music, culture and "youth rebellion" into megaprofits.
(1515 Broadway near 45th Street) >>>>

** We will then walk to 42nd Street and 7th Avenue to visit the DISNEY
store, with its many products manufactured by cheap, non-union and sweatshop
laborers-an issue not spotlighted on ABC News, another Disney product. >>>

** Then up to 48th Street and 6th Avenue to visit RUPERT MURDOCH, owner of
Fox News and the NY Post. Rupert is making the world a better place for
human-rights abusers, labor exploiters and for, well, for Rupert.  (1211
6th Avenue) >>>

** Strolling on, we'll make our views known at NBC NEWS in the ex-RCA, now
GE Building. As GE brings nukes and toxic waste sites to life, NBC and CNBC
and MSNBC look the other way. (1230 6th Avenue) >>>

** We'll walk up and talk-back to the world's biggest media conglomerate
TIME WARNER, at the Time & Life Building (1271 6th Avenue)-before ending up
at "Black Rock," headquarters of WESTINGHOUSE'S CBS (6th Avenue and 51st
Street) >>>

We will end our tour at the Museum of Radio and TV, just down the street,
to ask them to put all these companies in the museum where they belong.
Because it's time for something new. (25 West 52th Street)

Join the Protest Tour: Democratic Media for a Democratic Society
 Disarm the Moguls and their "Weapons of Mass Distraction"

Questions? Call New York Free Media Alliance thru FAIR: (212) 633-6700, ext.
343 * or see the Free Media (NYFMA) Website at * NYFMA Hotline: (212) 969-TOFM

Meet: Times Square, 45th & Broadway, 4:30 Thursday, October 16

Bust the Media Monopolies
Repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Stop The Spectrum Giveaway
Return the Airwaves to The People

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