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15 Oct
Vacancy on the bird watching tour.

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 97 15:05:20 -0700
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Subject: Vacancy on the bird watching tour.

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[Submitter's note: posted to nl.vogels.vogelaar, the Dutch birdwatchers'
group.  The picture, separately posted, was cancelled before it arrived

Perhaps you have heard of us and our mission for morality.

We have spent the last three years travelling to bird watching clubs around
the world speaking on the dangers of too much alcohol, drugs, sex, and bird

While we spoke, Nick, our friend, would roll around on the stage, drinking
heavily, picking one nostril, sniffing coke up the other, masturbating and
looking through his binoculars for birds -- a perfect example of what too
much bird watching can do to a man.

Unfortunately, earlier this summer, Nick died, hence our writing to this

If bird watching has done to you what it did to Nick, perhaps you would
like to take his place.  Travelling expenses and a modest substance
allowance will be provided.

Please reply to us at [deleted]

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