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23 Oct
Two Rare Conditions

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Subject: Two Rare Conditions

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When the man first noticed that his penis was growing longer, he was
delighted.  But several weeks and several inches later, he became concerned
and went to see a urologist.  While his wife waited outside, the physician
examined him and explained that, thought rare, his condition could be
corrected by minor surgery.  The patient's wife anxiously rushed up to the
doctor after the examination and was told of the diagnosis and the need for
surgery.  "How long will he be on crutches?" she asked.  "Crutches?" the
surprised doctor asked.  "Well, yes," the woman said nervously, "You are
going to lengthen his legs, aren't you? "


A guy goes to the doctor "D-d-doctor, can you c-c-cure my st-st-stuttering?
The doctor examines him and says, "Your penis is enormous.  It's throwing
your whole body off balance, and weighing down your vocal cords.  You'll
talk fine if you let me cut four inches off."  "D-d-do it!" he says.

But a month later the guy is back.  He says, "Well, I don't stutter at all
now, but all my girlfriends have left.  Frankly, it's not worth it.  Please
sew it back on." The doctor says "N-n-n-no w-w-w-way!"

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