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24 Oct
Parking at Apple

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 97 15:31:50 -0700
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Subject: Parking at Apple

Forwarded-by: Patrick Tufts <>

    At least [Mac] the Knife can take comfort in the knowledge that the Mac
      industry's current leaders can be counted on to Do the Right Thing in
      a pinch. Take Mr. Jobs' Wild Ride through Apple's parking lot: Despite
      the wide-open spaces left by departing herds of ex-employees, Apple's
      busy, busy kahuna has reportedly shaved precious seconds off his
      commute by parking in the handicapped spot out front - sometimes two
      or three at once, in fact.

      According to sources dragging their prostheses heavily across the
      asphalt, one Apple staffer finally screwed up the courage to affix a
      note to the Dear Leader's windshield. The message? "Park Different."

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