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28 Oct
Angry Gorillas Invade Village to Rescue Young

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Subject: Angry Gorillas Invade Village to Rescue Young

[This article seemed too good to be true, but it appears that AFP is a "real"  
internet on-line news agency ("Agence France-Presse") with a home page at  
<>.  The article below is available from  
<> for a mere 2  
francs...  -psl]

Forwarded-by: Eric Steese <>
Forwarded-by: E. Hill

   YAOUNDE, Oct 22 (AFP) - A pack of about 60 gorillas took an African
village in Cameroon by storm to rescue a young gorilla captured alive by a
local hunter, the weekly paper L'Action reported Wednesday.
   The government-owned paper said the gorillas invaded Olamze on the border
with Equatorial Guinea last week looking for the infant gorilla, who had
been taken away earlier in the day by the reputed local hunter Ntsama Ondo.
   Shortly before midnight, the gorillas entered the village in single file,
ignoring the gunshots fired by villagers to scare them away, before retiring.
   The next night they came back, and this time, according to L'Action, they
angrily beat on the doors and windows of the dwellings.
   Faced with the determination of the gorillas to recover the captive
youngster, and learning who was responsible for the pack's anger, the
village chief ordered Ntsama Ondo to release his prey.
   "Immediately, the assailants returned to the forest with shouts of joy,
savouring their victory," the journal wrote.

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