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28 Oct
WhiteBoardness - 10/27/97

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Monday, October 27, 1997

Madrid, Spain:

Spanish marijuana growers staged their first-ever contest on Saturday to
choose the best cannabis crop, but judges -- who had to smoke 10 different
samples -- were in no condition to pick a winner.

Defying Spain's drug laws, which are among the most lenient in Europe, 51
marijuana lovers who cultivate cannabis illegally for their own use gathered
at a private club to compete for the first annual "Madrid Marijuana Cup."

The growers, acting as their own judges, wasted no time in dividing up the
samples, rolling joints and lighting up. Clouds of aromatic smoke wafted
across the room.  One woman passed out and had to be taken outside for some
fresh air.

"We are holding this competition to lobby for a law allowing us to grow
marijuana for our own private consumption," said Javier Mestre, vice
president of the Association for the Study of Cannabis, which sponsored the

Mestre said the event was inspired by a regional court ruling earlier this
year that allowed a group of growers in northeastern Spain to cultivate
marijuana for their own consumption.

It is illegal to buy or sell cannabis in Spain, but police rarely take any
action against individuals for smoking marijuana in private.

The rules of the contest called for the marijuana samples to be judged for
appearance, taste and effect on a scale of one to 10. Each judge was given
10 small plastic bags, each containing two grams.

Organizers realized the judges would be in no condition to vote after
smoking such a large quantity, so they gave them until Sunday evening to
recover their senses and pick a winner.

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