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Weirdness [501] - 12Sep97

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.501 (News of the Weird, September 12, 1997)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Extreme Political Protest:  At the Eugene, Ore., city council meeting on
August 6, an unidentified man who had been sitting in the audience walked
up to the controversial Mayor Jim Torrey, leaned over, and vomited on his
shoulder.  He then walked out and was not pursued.  One council member, who
was watching the man during the meeting, said the act clearly was
[Anybody we know?  -psl]

* In May, Scripps Howard News Service profiled former lawyer James Kelley
of Washington, D.C., one of a small group at his local church who are
enthusiastic Episcopalians but who do not believe in God.  Said Kelley, "We
all love the incense, the stained glass windows, the organ music, the
vestments, and all of that.  It's drama.  It's aesthetics.  It's the ritual.
That's neat stuff.  I don't want to give all that up, just because I don't
believe in God."

* In January, Prime Minister H. D. Deve Gowda of India told a meeting of
government employees in Bangalore that, in contrast with his image of
laziness, he is actually a workaholic.  The various photographs of him
dozing off during official meetings are not accurate, he said.  "Most of
the time I am in deep thought about various welfare programs for the people."

* Rev. Robert Schuller was accused of roughing up a United Airlines flight
attendant during a June trip from Los Angeles to New York and agreed in
August to enter a first-offender program to settle the charge.  The flight
attendant said Schuller grabbed and shook him while demanding a fruit cup
without cheese because, said the diet-conscious Schuller later, he was
afraid that if the cheese were there, he would eat it.  Schuller said that
he was merely "trying to share the love of God" with the man and that "I am
a hands-on person."

* Jeffrey Maurice Young, 19, of Troy, Mich., was arrested in Gastonia, N.C.,
in July and charged with assault and attempted theft.  According to police,
Young had hidden beneath a table at the Bloomin' Onion Steakhouse, lying on
his back and touching the legs of two women who had sat down to eat.  When
he was discovered, he ran away, but police later found him hiding on a shelf
at a nearby Circuit City.

* In August, former Baptist minister Don McCary, 53, was reported to be
planning to act as his own lawyer in his four impending retrials on sexual
assault charges in Chattanooga, Tenn.  "I made a lot of stupid mistakes,"
he said, "but I did not rape those four boys."  He had been convicted of
the charges in 1992, but the Tennessee Supreme Court ordered new trials
because the district judge had allowed "prejudicial" evidence against him
(e.g., McCary's diary, in which he described his yearning for young boys;
and pornographic magazines, which he was found clutching while hiding among
choir robes as police arrived to arrest him).

	Copyright 1997 by Universal Press Syndicate.

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