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WhiteBoardness - 10/29/97

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Wednesday, October 29, 1997


Singapore physicians appalled at the level of sexual ignorance in this small
but wealthy nation have set up a national society to fight it, the Straits
Times newspaper said on Tuesday.

It quoted the doctors as saying they had come across couples unable to
consummate their marriage for years because they did not know how to make

So they set up the Society for the Study of Andrology (male infertility)
and Sexology, saying the ignorance and male infertility were linked.

"When a couple does not know how to engage in sexual intercourse, it results
in infertility, too," the newspaper quoted the society's vice president,
Ganesan Adaikan, as saying.

Seattle, Washington:

Victor Moray is helping to put some bite into Halloween.

The former dental laboratory technician has gone from making dentures to

"I used to make bridges, plates and partials," says Moray, 25, "but I got
bored with that job."

Since 1992, working out of a store called Gargoyle Statuary, in the
University District, he has made thousands of fangs for Halloween
party-goers, vampire enthusiasts and more.

They also get a set of guidelines: Don't sleep with the fangs, you might
swallow them. Don't wear them while eating caramel candy. Especially, don't
bite anybody because these teeth are for real.

Gargoyle owner Gayle Nowicki said Moray seems to get more popular every
Halloween season, swamped with as many as 20 orders a day at $45 each.

"We started a few weeks early this year because he books up so many
appointments," Nowicki said.  "Seattle's got to be the fang capital of the

Jerusalem, Israel:

Share prices may not be the only things to fall when stock markets crash.

"When the markets fall drastically, so does the male sexual organ," said
Dr. Alexander Oshanyesky, an Israeli specialist on blood vessel problems.

He told Reuters a drug used by his clinic to treat a test group of 193 men
for impotence failed to do the job on two occasions: when Iraqi Scud
missiles slammed into Israel in the 1991 Gulf War and when the Tel Aviv
Stock Exchange crashed in 1993.

"The stress causes the adrenaline level to shoot up, moving more blood to
the brain and the heart and less to the penis -- total impotence,"
Oshanyesky said.

The Russian-born doctor forecast it could take time for markets and men to
rise again.

"When a man is sexually impotent he loses confidence and has trouble making
financial decisions," he said.

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