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3 Nov
Nostradamus & Diana - Prophesies

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Subject: Nostradamus & Diana - Prophesies

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                   (This is NOT a Diana joke)


  Turns out that the Old Master has hit another home run.
  Check out this item--Century 2, Quatrain 28

         "La penultieme du surnom de prophete
          Prendra Diane pour son jour et repos
          Loing vaguera par frenetique teste
          En deliverant un grand peuple d'impos."

          ("The last son of the man with the Prophet's name
           Will bring Diana to her day of rest.
           At a distance they wander in frenetic grief
           Delivering a great people from ruin.")

  The father of Dodi al-Fayed, the owner of Harrod's department
  store, is named Mohammed, the name of the Islamic Prophet.
  The rest of Nostradamus's  prophecy is self-evident.
  It's strange how his prophecies always become perfectly
  obvious.....but only after the event.

[Now some may snicker and claim that (very) many people are named Mohammed,  
or that the second line is mistranslated, or that "At a distance they wander  
in frenetic grief / Delivering a great people from ruin." seems to have no  
bearing on anything, unless you consider "a great people" to refer to the news  
media.  So, let's consult with another eminent biblical scholar...  -psl]

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I found the posting of Nostradamus and Diana rather intriguing, so I took
my book of "Les Propheties de Michel Nostradamus" and found something also
astonishingly uncanny:

	Quand la grande pouffiasse d'Angleterre
	Fumera la pipe d'Egypte
	Le cocher de sa main belliqueuse
	Destruira la carrosse Alemanique


	When the great English floozy
	Will smoke the Egyptian pipe (1)
	The coachman, with his bellicose hand (2)
	Will destroy the German coach (3)

(1) In French slang "une pipe" is a blowjob and therefore the second
line could be translated as: Will give the Egyptian a blowjob.

(2) This can be interpreted as the driver (coachman) masturbating as
the result of the action explained above.

(3) German coach = Mercedes.

Uncanny, isn't it?

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