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9 Nov
Fun_People Updates 11/9/97

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Subject: Fun_People Updates 11/9/97

			Fun_People Updates
		Follow-ups, responses, and comments
		relating to recent Fun_People items

First, for those Fun_People who are still struggling with some of the  
"Twenty-six Puzzles" but rather than having the answers told to them would  
like a clue so it's still possible to experience the "Oh.  But that's an easy  
one!" moment...

A.  26 L. of the  A.		to Z
B.  7 W. of the A. W.		Many claim to be the 8th
C.  1001 A. K.			An army?  1001 A. N. makes better sense
D.  12 S. of the  Z.		e.g. Aquarius
E.  54  C. in a D.		remember the jokers
F.  9  P. in the S. S.		e.g. Mars
G.  88  P. K.			Ebony and Ivory
H.  13  S. on the A. F.		13 S. but 50 S.
I.  18  H. on a G. C.		What fore?
J.  32  D. F. at which W. F.	and at 212 D. F. W. B.
K.  90  D. in a R. A.		and 360 D. in a C.
L.  200  D. for P. G. in M	Use a thimble or a shoe or ...
M.  8  S. on a S. S.		Octagonal
N.  3 B. M.( S. H. T. R.)	Cruelty to handicapped animals
O.  4  Q. in a  G.		It measures up
P.  24  H. in a D.		Except when you leap forward or spring back
Q.  1  W. on a U.		and 2 W. on a B. - both require some balance
R.  5  D. in a Z. C.		although the U. S. P. S. prefers 9
S.  57 H. V.			e.g. Ketchup (or is it catsup?)
T.  11 P. on a F. T.		That's in American F.
U.  1000 W. that a P. is W.	Especially if your audience is illiterate
V.  29 D. in F. in a L. Y.	Although 2000 is a l.y., 1900 is not!
W.  64 S. on a C. B.		It's a C. B. but you can also play C. on it
X.  40 D. and N. of the G. F.	It's just normal weather in Seattle...
Y.  100 Y. in a C.		and each Y. has 365 D.
Z.  12  E. in a D.		but 13 B. in a B. D.

From: Keith Dawson <>
Re: Fun_People Updates  11/2/97

>One-trillionth of a surprise = 1 picaboo
>(and a kiloboo is enough to scare you to death.)

He was a pitcher for the Washington Senators, right?
Harmon Kiloboo.

Re: Perspective - Bill Gates' wealth as compared to yours...

Two factoids of special interest to Washington State residents:

Amount Bill Gates pays in income tax to the State of Washington: 0
[Amount joev and I pay in income tax to the State of Washington: 0  -psl]
Number of books in Seattle's inner-city Sharples Alternative High School
Library: 0

Bill may taking home a wee bit more in the old pay packet than you or I,
but take comfort in the fact that he contributes a proportional fraction of
his vast personal income to the coffers of this state in the amount of zero.
Washington remains one of the last eight states (including Texas) without
a state income tax (a tax which is, FYI, deductible from your federal income
tax.) Keep this in mind the next time you pay our hideously regressive
sales, property and small business taxes, or wonder why you can't get your
school levy passed from a population bled dry from the thousand cuts of our
absurdly jury-rigged patchwork of state and local taxes.  End of rant. -jv

Re: Twenty-six Puzzles ("Equation Analysis"?)

::grins::Ok, so how do we know how we did?? Send us the answers, please

From: Bob Noble <>
Re: Twenty-six Puzzles ("Equation Analysis"?)
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I was curious if you planned to run the list of answers to the "Equation
Analysis" puzzles...

    Okay, okay!  As soon as I figure them out.  Let's see... 64 S on a C.  
B.... Hmmm ... I got it!  64 Sixteenths on a Coupla Breves ... well, I don't  
know ... Wait!  I know, 64 States on a Commodore-64 Branch.  Whew!  That was a  
tough one.

    I think it would be an interesting research project to see which ones  
different people get right away and which ones take a long time (like  
forever).  Is it random?  Does it express things about people's personalities  
or experiences?  Is it nature or nurture or nomenclature?

    Okay, here are some answers...

A.  26 L. of the  A.		Letters of the alphabet
B.  7 W. of the A.W.		Wonders of the ancient world
C.  1001 A.K.			Arabian Nights  (Arabian Knights?)
D.  12 S. of the  Z.		Signs of the Zodiac
E.  54  C. in a D.		Cards in a deck, counting the jokers
F.  9  P. in the S.S.		Planets in the solar system
G.  88  P.K.			Piano keys
H.  13  S. on the A.F.		Stripes on the American flag
I.  18  H. on a G.C.		Holes on a golf course
J.  32  D.F. at which W.F.	Degrees Farenheit at which water freezes
K.  90  D. in a R.A.		Degrees in a right angle
L.  200  D. for P.G. in M	Dollars for passing GO in Monopoly
M.  8  S. on a S.S.		Sides on a stop sign
N.  3 B.M.( S.H.T.R.)		Blind mice (see how they run)
O.  4  Q. in a  G.		Quarts in a gallon
P.  24  H. in a D.		Hours in a day
Q.  1  W. on a U.		Wheel on a unicycle
R.  5  D. in a Z.C.		Digits in a Zip Code
S.  57 H.V.			Heinz varieties
T.  11 P. on a F.T.		Players on a football team
U.  1000 W. that a P. is W.	Words that a picture is worth
V.  29 D. in F. in a L.Y.	Days in February in a leap year
W.  64 S. on a C.B.		Squares on a Chess Board
X.  40 D. and N. of the G.F.	Days and nights of the great flood
Y.  100 Y. in a C.		Years in a century
Z.  12  E. in a D.		Eggs in a dozen

Subject: Fourteen Puzzles

Here's are a few more puzzles in the same vein, culled from a large list
passed on by "Nev Dull" <>

A.  5 D. in a H. D.
B.  5 D. in a W. W.
C.  8 G. T. in a L. B. C.
D.  9 D. in a S. S. N.
E.  13 T. in a B. H.
F.  15 M. on a D. M. C.
G.  24 P. on a B. B.
H.  39 J. B. A.
I.  40 C. on a C. B. R.
J.  48 C. in a P. D.
K.  50 W. to L. Y. L.
L.  76 T. L. the B. P.
M.  99 B. of B. on the W.
N.  20,000 L. U. T. S.

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