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9 Nov
WhiteBoardness - 11/7/97

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Friday, November 07, 1997

Belle, West Virginia:

A student who failed to get his cough drops cleared with the junior high
school was suspended for three days under its anti-drug policy.

"We shouldn't and don't have to determine if this was a narcotic," Mann

Colin's suspension began Wednesday.

"Had my son given another child Tylenol or something of that nature that I
feel is potentially harmful, then I would be concerned," said his mother,
Jennifer Dunlap.  "But a cough drop? I think that's the most asinine thing
I've ever heard."

Attorneys for the school 10 miles south of Charleston said all medication
must be taken to a school office in original packaging if a student wishes
to consume it.

"There has to be zero tolerance for kids not following the procedures in
our attempts to protect them from something harmful," Mann said.

[Well, getting Colin out of school for a while ought to pretoect him pretty  
well, don't you think?  -psl]

Franklinville, New York:

Like the majority of incumbents, Paul L. Russell easily won re-election
Tuesday to the Town Board.

But Russell overcame an obstacle not faced by other candidates -- He had
been dead since Saturday.

Russell's heart attack at age 73 came too late to remove him from the ballot
in the three-way race, with two seats at stake. The Town Board plans to
appoint someone to serve in his place for the next year.

Republican Allan Gerstung won the second spot on the board, which left
Richard Stevenson, a democrat, the loser.

"I know what people are saying, but I'm not embarrassed," said Stevenson,
who received only half as many votes as the dead candidate. "I feel I lost
to a party, not a person."

Stevenson said Republican officials in the town, 50 miles south of Buffalo,
encouraged people to vote for Russell even though he was dead. Republicans
have a 2-to-1 majority over Democrats in the town.

County Republican Chairman Jerry Moriarty does not deny supporting a
deceased candidate.

"What we tried to do is make people aware of the law," he said. "We felt
Paul would have wanted us to go forward and protect the integrity of his

Stevenson said people who voted for Russell were throwing away their right
to choose and handing to it the Town Board.

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