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23 Nov
Analogy O' The Day - 7/24/97

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Subject: Analogy O' The Day - 7/24/97

[Oops!  Is that your freudian slip showing?  -psl]

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This is e-mail from the main receptionist for Sun Microsystems
at Corporate, and went out to all corporate employees.

	To: All Corporate Employees
	Subject: Copier!

	PLEASE PLEASE please please please -- I am begging here
	-- keep any and all paper clips away from the copier!
	We have had two service calls in the last few days removing paper
	clips, staples and a binder clip from the innards of the copier.

	PLEASE be really really really really careful around the copier.
	Especially the document handler which seems to suck clits like a
	vacuum cleaner.

	     Thanks for your help.

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