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27 Nov
ULOTD? - Death By Sinatra

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Subject: ULOTD? - Death By Sinatra

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	Death By Sinatra

In Sydney, Australia, police believe three people who were heirs to a
fortune tortured their rich grandfather until he killed himself.  Crippled
by arthritis and confined to a wheelchair, eighty-nine year-old Duncan
Gruner was a sitting duck for his greedy grandkids, who apparently couldn't
wait for him to die peacefully.

The three, a granddaughter and two grandsons, allegedly locked the elderly
man in a room and played the song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra over and over,
until he gave up and overdosed on sleeping pills. The plot came to light
when the granddaughter, feeling guilty, confessed. But police say the three,
who split two million dollars, aren't guilty of a crime, since the man
committed suicide.

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