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1 Dec
The Comedian's-eye View of 12/02/97

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 12/02/97

Excerpted-from: 12/02/97 -- ShopTalk

                      Tuesday December 2, 1997

     "The White House angrily denied charges that burial plots in Arlington
      National Cemetery were handed out for political favors.  Although
      presidential spokesman Mike McCurry did acknowledge it's not easy to
      explain the Tomb of the Unknown Asian Contributor."

			- Norm MacDonald on SNL

Geraldo Rivera will quit his daytime talk show and return to news reporting.
"He'll leave the tabloid trash TV to ask more serious journalistic questions
like: What to transvestite bikers think about global warming." (Alan Ray)

Another Godzilla movie in in the planning stages.  "How do the Japanese
destroy the giant monster in this one?  They get him to invest in their
stock market."  (Ray)

The L.A. Health Department has issued a list of warning signs that your
favorite restaurant may be next on their hit list.  For instance, they offer
valet ambulance parking." (Bob Mills)

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