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Bits O' HTML O' The Day 12/18/97

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Subject: Bits O' HTML O' The Day 12/18/97

Excerpted-from: HTML O' The Day
		from Nev Dull <>
	The Museum is a whimsical portrayal of daily life in the tiny,
	tranquil village of Torrington, Alberta. There are 31 displays
	housing 54 mounted gophers. Each display depicts a different theme;
	hockey, hairdressing, farming, etc.  Each character is dressed in
	suitable attire to complement the artists' picturesque backgrounds.
	Microsoft Corp.'s latest legal salvo in its antitrust battle with
	two branches of the federal government argues that a judge's
	decision to clamp down, for the time being, on the way the company
	markets its Internet Explorer browser poses a grave threat not only
	to the company but to the US economy and the American public, too.

	In a related story, Netscape has responded to Microsoft's claim that
	it doesn't know how to remove MSIE without rendering the system
	inoperable with a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to remove
	MSIE from a Windows system (and replacing it with Navigator, of
	course).  Microsoft claims this is a "cynical publicity stunt."
	NEW YORK (CNNfn) - Microsoft Corp.'s legal woes intensified
	Wednesday when the Justice Department filed contempt charges against
	the software giant and a number of states said they are mulling an
	antitrust action against the company.

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