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21 Dec
Love in his 90s

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Subject: Love in his 90s

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    A ninety-year-old man is sitting on a park bench, sobbing, and a young
man stops to ask him what's wrong.  Through his tears the old man says,
"I'm married to a beautiful twenty-five-year-old woman." "What's wrong with
that?" asks the young man. Between his sobs and sniffles, he answers, "You
don't understand. Every morning before she goes to work, we make love...
At lunch time she comes home and we make love again, and then she makes my
favorite lunch. In the afternoon when she gets a break, she rushes home and
we have sex, the best an old man could want. And then after supper, all
night long, we make love." He breaks down, no longer able to speak.
    The young man is mystified.  "I don't understand.  It sounds like you
have an idyllic relationship.  Why are you crying?" The old man answers,
again through his tears, "I forgot where I live!"

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