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11 Jan
Fun_People Updates 1/11/98

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 98 19:39:38 -0800
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Subject: Fun_People Updates 1/11/98

    I hope your New Year is going well and that you're either staying out of  
the political forest or at least avoiding the trees.
- Peter
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Re: Fun_People Updates 12/27/97

In a message dated 97-12-27 23:00:03 EST, you write:

> >   C.  8 G. T. in a L. B. C.

Eight Great Tomatoes in a Little Bitty Can.

Had to go to my folks on that one...somewhat before my time.
 Forwarded-by: Dave Grossman <>
Re: 8 G. T. in a L. B. C.

>C.  8 G. T. in a L. B. C.	

8 Great Tomatoes in a Little Bitty Can
(from the Contadina commercial)
 Forwarded-by: Gregg Porter <>
Re: Fun_People Updates 12/27/97

8 Great Tomatoes in a Little Bitty Can!
(I'm not really that old, am I?)


Re: Denied Beef or Crispness
Forwarded-by: Nev Dull <>
Forwarded-by: "Rob Pike" <>

Ron Hardin's mostly machine-generated version from many years ago.  It's
characterized by spectacular word choices (anemometer cur chiffon) and few
proper nouns.


Tweeze denied beef worker isthmus, winnow Trudy how's,
Snot agreed juries during, gnaw Tiffany moss.
This talking swear unbided Gemini wit cairn
Hint opus scenic (alas!) sinewy dare.
Unjelled runner nozzle tools smuggling deer butts
Well fissions unshoe kerplunks thence endear huts.
Anemometer cur chiffon dyeing mayhap,
Adjust subtle warp reins fairy loin winger snap.
Winnow taunted launderer roast sachet glitter
Ice brine bromide bet deucey woodwinds schemata.
Await Tudor widower blue lacking flesh,
Door roping tier shatters untrue hump these ash.
Demonian depressed often knew felines know
Gaffe cholesterol metier due abjects elope.
Wane wood tummy wandering ice shittah pear,
Vital men etchers lay mandate tidy Rainier.
Whittle it whole dolt river salival equipt,
Sinewy mom aunt isthmus bee-stain nicked.
Mere rabbit-torn evils whose gorses became
Any weaseled end shuttered, uncool tomboy maim.
"Node azure! No Dunce era! No France urine fixing!
Uncommit! And cubit! Andante ran vexing!
Toady tipoff deport chew detypify well!
Gnaw dish aweigh, dish aweigh, dish aweigh awl!"
Asked relieves dot beef forty whiled hurry queen fry,
Wind emit wooden apse stickle, mountie-desk eye,
Sew-up two-deep how stop duck horsers dubloon,
Witty slave fallow toils, ascend nickel loss due.
Ant tending at weakling - why hurt honor roof?
A brain sinning Boeing effete shiney huff.
Aside ruin mayhap untwist darning neuron
Bounding gym knee-scent knick (alas!) game winning pound.
Iwis tressed woolen furze promise etuis food,
Anus closed whorled varnished wood asses in suits.
Abound olived oils (egad!) flunk honor speck,
Any luck lockup addler chest (hope?) nimbus peck.
Assai Saudi twin calloused temples amore!
Exchequer lachryosis, whizz snows locket jury.
Estrual litter mouse wash thrown applique beau,
Amdahl biered honest Genesis weight hostess know.
Distempered ape pie pea yelled tiding is steed,
Undies mocha answer cul de sac lackey reed.
Egad! Abroad fastener litter hound bully
Achoo! quaintly left, lacking bull feeling jolly.
Iwis champion blimp -- arrayed chilly wool delve,
Any left whinney sow hymn, enspied off Moselle.
An oink office sigh unto whist office hood
Swoon gamey tonneau ahead knitting two tread.
Ease poke naught award, Beduoin strayed duets orc,
Infield eldest tuggings; interned witty chert,
End lioness fanger a sight office gnus,
Ant gibbon unknot, upon chimpanzee rows.
Hasp Rangoon is lay, due esteem guava wistful,
Ending weight day elf loo, lacking town ova tassle;
Buddy herding explain air hedge rowboat design,
"Hopping rich musty woolen due awl incondite!"

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Re: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Around the World

> Danish - Glaedelig Jul og glaedelig nytar
> Danish - God jul og godt nytaar    (pre-1948 Danish)

The post-1948 version should read:

Glaedelig jul og godt nytaar

[Apparently Irene forwarded the Fun_People SBJGS posting and got a bunch of  
replies...  -psl]

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Re: The SBJGS and Company-wide Morale Boosting

After yesterday's joke, I got a ton of mail pouring in with all sorts of
suggestions of what the members of SBJGS could use when lacking Altoids.
One person complained.  Another summarized it all in a letter.

"Attention all SBJGS members; double your purchase of Altoids, double your
pleasurem, and double your fun. It works both ways. Take it from a 12 year
member of the STMS (Secret Tongue Master Society).  So, take home an extra
box of Altoids for your partner to use and find out for yourself just what
you've been missing! Technique nonwithstanding, the mint tingles.  It
creates or promotes quite powerful rippling sensations." - Jim W., a

	"The First Time"

    I'll never forget the first time I took it in my mouth...

    I fiercely tore open its prison walls. I was surprised when it slid out
into my hand, but I quickly adapted to the feel of it in my hand. I held it
gently, careful that it didn't melt under my touch before I could really
enjoy it. I held it to my nose and inhaled deeply, permanently storing its
unique scent in my memory.

    I gently ran my tongue across the ever-so-subtle ridge before taking it
deeply into my mouth. I took it in my mouth as far as it would go.  It took
all of my strength to resist the urge to swallow it whole!  My tongue worked
on its sweet shell until I could finally start to taste its slightly salty

    The quickness took me by surprise, and I moaned in approval, even though
I hoped it would have lasted longer. I held the last few morsels on my
tongue, savoring the taste before swallowing it all. I smiled, already
looking forward to the next time.
Thank goodness Reese's peanut butter cups are sold in packages of two!

 Forwarded-by: (Robert Reynolds)
Re: Sense and Sensibilia and ...

--- You wrote:
Is the point that `sense' is in some sense the abstract parent of all nouns
that pertain to the describable, and hence is the vaguest thing that
attracts adjectives?
--- end of quote ---
A reference that comes easily to hand suggests (but doesn't strictly assert)
that the root has to do with "a way of thinking about something, including a
way of going somewhere mentally" (my paraphrase -- American Heritage Dictionary
of the English Language, 1979), which seems plausible, and which includes such
reaches as "sentence" and "consent" in its list of relatives.

 Forwarded-by: T Pak <>
Re: Kristmas Karol - The Restroom Door Said "Gentlemen"

Just to give credit where credit is due, this is from Bob River's first
"Twisted Christmas" album.  It's the only half-way funny song on the album.

 Forwarded-by: rory crowder <>
Re: Sense and Sensibilia and ...

I'm thinking.. sensical (as the opposite of nonsensical)..

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