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3 Feb
At Home with the Clone Heads

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Date: Tue,  3 Feb 98 22:42:03 -0800
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Subject: At Home with the Clone Heads

Forwarded-by: (Rick Ruskin)

Results of the Washington Post Style Invitational, in which readers were
asked to come up with intriguing questions to be considered by President
Clinton's special commission to study the moral and practical effects of

Can you clone Alan Greenspan, or does it have to be LIVING tissue?

If Larry King clones himself and interviews himself on his show, wouldn't
that pretty much make nuclear war something we could all look forward to?

If I have sex with my clone, will I go blind?

If Hare Krishnas start cloning themselves, how will the rest of us find out?

If you cloned Henry IV, would he be Henry V or Henry IV Jr. or Henry IV
part II?

Would there be a market for genetic "factory seconds" and "irregulars"?

Could they clone Al Gore, or would he have to be grafted?

Would it be ethical to dig up the remains of our founding fathers, create
clones from the bone cells, and place them in a theme park called "Clonial

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