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6 Feb
Ted Rall Text

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[The dialog from a Ted Rall cartoon... -psl]

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Woman:  Good movie, huh?

  Man:  It's "Sid and Nancy" for the nineties, but with
        overtones of Tuffaut, set in Guatemala.

Woman:  It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

  Man:  Back in Ohio, where I grew up, it always rains
        like this.

Woman:  I'm gonna vote for Clinton again.

  Man:  As far as I'm concerned, he's Jimmy Carter
        revisited a la Jack Kemp.

Woman:  Wanna eat here?

  Man:  OK, but it reminds me of a cross between the
        Jungle Room at Graceland and a diner.

Woman:  I can't believe they're playing this song!

  Man:  So what?  This is just the Buzzcocks meet Phil
        Spector in Austin.

Woman:  Everything is an analogy to you!  Don't you
        ever have an original thought?

  Man:  That's what my last girlfriend used to say.

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