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11 Feb
Kenneth Starr Revue

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 98 12:26:52 -0800
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Subject: Kenneth Starr Revue


Hi, folks, had a wonderful concert and workshop (not to mention skiing) trip
to South Valley Unitarian in Salt Lake City this weekend.  As soon as I got
in the car Friday for the drive to the Billings airport, a very perverted
muse overtook my mind, forcing me to write the Kenneth Starr Revue (which
consists of only one song, sung over and over and over and over again).
This particular topical piece may only be good for fifteen minutes,
especially if we bomb Iraq, so here goes . . .


My mind is made up don't confuse me with the facts
I'm the special prosecutor got a budget to the max
The people have the right to know just exactly how
The Clintons, Bill and Hilary, lost that sixty-eight thou

They're criminals I'm sure of it
They're up to their eyeballs in the manure of it
Whitewater puts the Savings and Loan and Watergate to shame
The Clintons are giving Washington such a bad name

My mind is made up I've got the right to grab at straws
Like putting a little microphone in a certain woman's bra
Did you hear what Monica told her why it makes me catch my breath
He perjures himself for a blow job, it's the kiss of political death

He's the lowest form of life upon the planet
It's mine to prove thanks to Congress and General Janet
I won't let you down America your prurient interests are mine

Just give me another forty million to uncover the rest of the slime
It might take a couple more years for Bill to commit his worst crime
But I've got the time
I'm Kenneth Starr

(c)1998 Judy Fjell (BMI)  Honey Pie Music

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