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11 Feb
The Comedian's-eye View of Thursday 2/12/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of Thursday 2/12/98

Excerpted-from: Thursday 2/12/98- ShopTalk

                         Thursday February 12, 1998

  "If you make it a crime to lie about an affair in (Washington),
   parking will no longer be a problem."

			- Lobbyist Rich Galen in The Wall Street Journal


Latte Day Saint: Magic Johnson signed a deal with Starbucks to open
new coffee shops in inner-city neighborhoods. "just what the poor
need: a good $3 cup of coffee." (Premiere Radio)

Toy Story: The latest new toy is a stuffed animal that sings and has
a 400-word vocabulary.  "I think we may have found the sixth Spice
Girl." (Rudolph J. Cecera)

Frankincense, Gold and Mir: Two Russian cosmonauts appeared on the
QVC home-shopping network to sell spacesuits.  "They're hoping to
trade for something more technologically sophisticated than Mir, like
a '57 Rambler." (Bill Williams)

Cirque du OJ: Marcia Clark has signed with NBC as a legal affairs
commentator.  "NBC wouldn't disclose the contract, but did say Clark
will go through at least five hairstyle changes." (Mark Efman)

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