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13 Feb
Keep your eye out for radeau on the menu

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Subject: Keep your eye out for radeau on the menu

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After many (sometimes silly) attempts to reduce the population of nutria
(the best of which was the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Saturday night
beer/nutria shootouts), the Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries
hatched a plan - nutria food for humans.  Backed the idea with a
multi-million-dollar PR fund.

We Cajuns obviously think it's a trick on Yankees.  Proceeding in the vein,
the following appeared in Smily Anders' column:

   J.B. Guillaume of Rougon suggested 'radeaux' as an appealing
   French name for nutria.  He bases the name on a Cajun word for
   possum, "rat d'bois" or "rat of the woods."  A nutria could be
   called "rat d'eau" or "rat of the water", with the radeux spelling
   to tone down the reference to another, highly unappealing rodent.

Sauce Radeaux
Picante Radeaux
Radeaux Gumbo

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