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9 Mar
The Comedian's-eye View of 03/10/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 03/10/98

Excerpted-from: 03/10/98 -- ShopTalk

                         Tuesday March 10, 1998

     "Yesterday in Los Angeles, a woman gave birth after she was
      implanted with an embryo that had been frozen for seven years.
      Afterwards, the woman said, 'I had no idea if I had a little
      boy, a little girl or fish sticks.'"

                                  Conan O'Brien


Chilling Testimony: A Japanese company has come up with a refrigerator that
talks.  "Today, Kenneth Starr issued it a subpoena." (Steve Voldseth)

Second Coming? The leader of God's Salvation in Garland, Texas, told
followers that God will be descending from heaven March 31.  "When asked
why God is returning now, the leader said, 'He's coming for the finale of
'Seinfeld.'" (Premiere Radio)

Luxury Car: Rolls-Royce has a new car selling for $216,000.  "It's so fancy
that the cup holder is a guy named Charles." (Jay Leno)

Cannibal Update: Mike Tyson filed suit for fraud and theft against boxing
promoter Don King.  "King is delighted.  He sold the pay-per-view rights
to Court TV for $100 million." (Argus Hamilton)

Immaculate Conception?  "The next installment of Fox TV's 'Magic's Greatest
Secrets Finally Revealed' will expose such mysteries as how to saw a person
in half, how to make an elephant disappear and- for the grand finale- how
Jodie Foster got pregnant." (Martin Miller)

Water, Water Everywhere: Scientist may have found water on the moon.  "They
immediately blamed El Nino." (Paul Ecker)

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