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19 Mar
Bert and Pamela

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Subject: Bert and Pamela

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From: Film Threat Weekly (check out the website listed)

In news sure to shock the world, yet another explicit Pamela Anderson sex
tape has emerged and the man in this video is a muppet.  Bert, the lovable
mono- browed neatnik and roommate of Ernie from Sesame Street, can be seen
in compromising positions with Ms. Anderson.  The footage, which can be
accessed on the internet, shows the yellow, cone-headed Bert engaging in
acts too lewd to describe in detail.  This is now the third tape featuring
Pamela Anderson performing sex acts.  We're not even sure which is more
shocking: that Pamela Amderson would hump a rag doll made of felt or the
fact that we now have proof that Bert is a heterosexual.  We always thought
he and Ernie were Gay.

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