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23 Mar
Re: vending machine roulette digest #1

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Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 14:00:46 -0800
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Subject: Re: vending machine roulette digest #1 


=o= We have Snapple vending machines at the place I work.  Snapple lives in
vulcanized glass bottles, so when you buy some, the bottle plummets as much
as five feet down to the dispenser tray.

=o= The machine advertises this feature as if it's a form of entertainment:
"Watch the bottle drop!"

=o= The vending machine delivery person put some Welch's grape juice in the
machine.  Welch's bottles are a bit taller than the Snapple bottles, so they
were all put in the top row, where there's more overhead clearance.
Naturally, any bottle in the top row has the longest descent.

=o= I had a hankering for grape juice, so I put in some money, pushed the
button, and watched the bottle drop.  Then I watch it shatter.  Then I
watched grape juice and broken glass pour out of the machine.

=o= Somehow I get the feeling that the Welch's bottles are a bit too thin
for Snapple machines.  Still, for my entertainment dollar, they're a better
value than Snapple.

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