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25 Mar
Capture the Flag

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Subject: Capture the Flag

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    Saddam Hussein called President Clinton one morning and said: "Bill, I
called you because I had this incredible dream last night and I just had to
tell you about it.  I could see all of America, and it was peaceful and
beautiful and on top of every building, there was a flag."
    Clinton said:"A flag?  What was on the flag?"
    Sadam said: "Allah is God, God is Allah".
    Clinton said: "You know, Sadam, I'm really glad you called because last
night I had a dream, too.  I could see all of Bagdad, and there was no more
fighting, and it was even more beautiful than before the war; it had been
completely rebuilt.  And on every building there was a flag."
    Sadam said: "Bill, what was on the flag?"
    Clinton replied: "I don't know."
    Sadam said: "You don't know!?  Why not?"
    Clinton replied: "I never could read Hebrew."

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