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26 Mar
Watch those Eyebrows!

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Subject: Watch those Eyebrows!

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From: the Singapore Straights Times

    TAIPEI -- A Taiwanese couple were shocked recently when they found out
that their "daughter-in-law" was, in fact, a man.
    The parents were kept in the dark until one year after the wedding,
which cost them nearly NT$380,000 (S$19,760) in traditional nuptial payments
to the "bride's" parents.
    They pressed fraud charges against their son Lin Chi-an, 22, "daughter-
in-law" Huang Chun-yu, 20, and their in-laws, but prosecutors decided that
the charges were invalid, reported China Post.
    Although the defendants had lied about Mr Huang's gender and identity
and had claimed that he was "pregnant" as a justification for the marriage,
there was no intention to defraud Mr Lin's parents of their money,
prosecutors said.
    The case has been closed legally, but the quarrel between the families
rages on.
    Mr Huang Hui-pin, the "bride's" father, said: "I told them not to do
such a crazy thing right from the beginning."
    He said he had reminded Mr Lin that his son "is a man who needs to serve
military service".
    The groom's mother was still fuming as she discussed the case.  "We
wouldn't have hosted the marriage for them had we known he is a man," she
    According to Taiwan's United Daily News, the young "couple" held a
wedding dinner last April and were living together for almost a year before
the truth about Mr Huang's gender emerged.
    The elder Lin smelt a rat when they did not register their marriage
officially; the truth came out after his prolonged nagging.
    When asked why the family's suspicions were not aroused earlier since
the "bride" had been living with them for close to a year, he said Mr
Huang's "fair skin, long, cascading hair and nicely-arched tattooed
eyebrows" had fooled them.

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