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Weirdness [526] - 6Mar98

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.526 (News of the Weird, March 6, 1998)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Among the exhibits at the Impulse to Collect show at San Jose State
University in February were Chris Daubert's "Chromatic extrusions rodenta"
(rats' droppings following their ingestion of some of his oil paints),
Maryly Snow's collection of 696 toothbrushes (each catalogued on 13
attributes), and Bob Rasmussen's collection of items containing red X's.
Among the exhibits rejected were a huge mass of dryer lint, an assortment
of cat snot on slides, and a 15-year collection of umbilical cords.  Said
organizer Theta Belcher, on what makes a real collector:  "They take it that
one step too far."

* In May 1997, Dalton, Ga., juror Jim Thomas, 69, voted with his colleagues
to convict Wayne Cservak of child molesting, but he soon had second thoughts
and spent his own money for a lawyer to handle Cservak's appeal.  The victim
then admitted he had lied about Cservak, and in December the case against
him was dismissed.  Cservak's lawyer said Thomas's deed was "unheard of,
not only in Georgia legal history but in the entire American legal history."
Not quite.  In January, the Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments on
the appeal of convicted murderer Adrian Santiago, funded by $12,000 so far
from the life savings of regretful juror June Briere.

* Pro football star Sean Gilbert sat out the 1997 season because the
Washington Redskins had offered him only $20 million over the next five
years, $1 million a season less than the figure that came to him last
summer, he said, as a revelation from God.

* Darius McCollum, 32, was arrested in Brooklyn, N.Y., in November behind
the wheel of a New York City Transit Authority truck, wearing a TA uniform,
on his way to inspecting sections of track.  However, he is not, and has
never been, a Transit worker.  He has been arrested more than 20 times in
16 years for using transit agency equipment and doing transit agency work
in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina, and has spent four years in
prison.  Said a New York TA spokesman, McCollum is an engaging person, but
"He just thinks that he's a transit employee, and he's not."

* Martin Moreno, 33, was arrested in Pomona, Calif., in September and
charged with stealing, from clotheslines, as much as a half-ton of women's
shorts, skirts, and underwear that he thought were too revealing for women
to wear on the street.

	Copyright 1998 by Universal Press Syndicate.

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