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30 Mar
On the Job at the Lazy B

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Subject: On the Job at the Lazy B

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A young technical engineer and a general manager from Boeing are taking a
short train ride from Wichita, KS.  The only seats remaining are directly
across from a young, pretty lady and her grandmother.

As the train is travelling along, they enter into a tunnel.  Because the
lights in the car aren't on, the car is completely dark.

The following sounds are heard: <Kissssss> <SLAP!>
Then the train emerges from the tunnel.

The grandmother thinks to herself, "That was pretty daring of that young
man.  I'm just glad my granddaughter slapped him good."

The granddaughter thinks, "The kiss was sort of nice, but I'm sorry my
grandma slapped the young man."

The general manager thinks, "I didn't know the boy had it in him.  I'm just
sorry that the lady hit ME."

The technical engineer thinks, "Man, I love Boeing!  Where else can you
travel, get paid well, kiss a pretty girl, and slap your boss ALL AT THE

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