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7 Apr
The Comedian's-eye View of 04/08/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 04/08/98

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Excerpted-from: 04/08/98 -- ShopTalk

                       Wednesday April 8, 1998

  "I question the logic of putting him on the air, and I believe the entire
   industry suffers from the association. Programs that are embarrassments
   to our business will, in the long run, alienate our viewers."

			- ABC Inc. President Robert Iger talking
			  about Jerry Springer to the NAB

Spaced Out: "Lost in Space" is a high-tech movie version of the '60s TV
show. Producers were so worried it wouldn't do well they considered changing
the name to "Danger Will Hunting." (Premiere Radio)

Now Now: "The heads of the Big Four networks have agreed to team up against
cable and will stop criticizing each other in order to hype their own
networks. NBC has even agreed to call Thursday nights 'It's-a-reasonably-
good-idea-to-see TV!' " (Zack Taylor - Westwood One Radio Network)

Snippy, Isn't She?: Lorena Bobbitt was acquitted last week of punching her
mom over family bills. You can't blame her mother for calling the cops. When
Lorena threatens to cut you off, it takes a whole new meaning. (Argus

Potty Training: Preparing for a mission in space, Sen. John Glenn, 76, went
to NASA space training camp. His rigorous training included two weeks of a
low-fiber diet, wearing a spacesuit with a trifocal face mask and trying
not to get up and pee three times a night. (Jerry Perisho)

Fall Back, Springer Forward: The "Jerry Springer" show will begin posting
a disclaimer about the show's content. It reads: "Kids, this program shows
adults acting like immature, snot-nosed third-graders.  Turn it off and
watch PBS." (Perisho)

You Go, Girl: "Despite the lawsuit brought by Leonardo DiCaprio, Playgirl
says it's determined to publish the photos because it wants to attract a
new group of readers--women." (Craig Kilborn)

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