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17 Apr
Golden Tinkles

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Bill & Hillary have a big bipartisan dinner party at the White House. During
dinner, Dan Quayle excuses himself to use the bathroom.  After a couple of
minutes, he comes back, looking smug.  On the way home, Dan turns to Marilyn
and says, "Did you know Bill has a solid-gold urinal in his bathroom?  How
can he pretend to be serious about cutting the budget after buying that?
We've really caught him with his pants down this time!" Marilyn says, "When
we get home, why don't you call up the paper and let them know, dear."

The next morning Hillary opens the newspaper to see a headline "CLINTONS
SPLURGE ON GOLD URINAL SAYS QUAYLE."  Hillary shouts up to the bedroom,
"Bill!  I found out who peed in your Saxophone!"

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