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28 Apr
The Comedian's-eye View of 04/29/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 04/29/98

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Excerpted-from: 04/29/98 -- ShopTalk

                         Wednesday April 29, 1998

   "I knew it was detrimental to television if they made the deal with us.
    It was outrageous upfront money. Thirteen million dollars an episode
    for 'ER.' A million dollars each to Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt for a
    show that's No. 25 to 30 in the ratings?  Those are bad prices.  I
    personally feel that we damaged the economics of television and that
    NBC was foolish to give us what they gave us.  But there was no way we
    were going to come back for anything less than $600,000 [an episode]."

		- 'Seinfeld' actor Jason Alexander on the 'Charlie Rose
		  Show' as quoted in the daily fax of Electronic Media


Code of Silence: "Have you heard about the new Susan McDougal doll? Pull
the string, nothing happens.  Comes with handcuffs and chic orange jumpsuit.
Ball and chain not included." (Kenny Noble Cortes)

Here's the Buzz: Because of El Nino, killer bees could arrive in Southern
California sooner than expected.  "The good news is, their buzzing might
drown out the leaf blowers illegally operated by gardeners." (Earl Hochman)

Making the Grade: Virginia high school teacher Philip Bigler has been
crowned 1998's teacher of the year.  "In a related story, Seattle teacher
Mary Key LeTourneau won Miss Congeniality for the second year in a row."
(Steve Voldseth)

Ellen-mentary: ABC has canceled "Ellen."  "They will replace it with 'Two
Guys, Another Girl and a Flannel Shirt Store." (Alex Kaseberg)

Dino-Mite: Barney's creator says she's not intimidated by the Teletubbies.
"Barney's comment was, 'OK, kids, today we're going to learn the word
carnivore.'" (Andy Waits)

Rocket Man: John Glenn will rocket into space again and will be allowed to
pre-board before the other astronauts." (LaLa Land Letter)

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