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4 May
What kind of cranial dispersal?

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Subject: What kind of cranial dispersal?

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There's a stupid ad for some medical product, which says "In clinical
trials, the most common side effect was headache".

A curiously evasive and meaningless statement.  The moment I heard it, I
immediately realized that the lab results must have looked something like

   Side effect                       Incidence
   -----------                       ---------
   Headache                          99%
   Massive brain haemorrhage         98%
   Malignant cancer of the genitals  92%
   Tertiary syphilis                 85%
   Windows NT                        76%
   Smallpox                          40%
   Death of one kidney               33%
   Explosive cranial dispersal       20%
   Total body ionization             11%

So beware.

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