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7 May
BlueCross Rules: Six Orgasms Per Month.

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Subject: BlueCross Rules: Six Orgasms Per Month.

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Those of us who spend much of our free time [read: non-revenue-producing
time] hassling with insurance companies got a special thrill last night when
the national TV news shows revealed that BlueCross/BlueShield of California
has decided that their impotent subscribers will only be entitled to a
maximum of six orgasms per month.

Actually, it is a little worse; they will get six TRIES per month under the
BC/BS rules.  The Blues have decided to cover only six $10 Viagra tables a
month under the announced policy, which, more precisely, governs the number
of erections, not orgasms.  Obviously some men will, with their partner's
cooperation, or perhaps without it, take advantage of the four-hour latency
of the Viagra pill to accumulate extra orgasms during their six monthly

There was no indication in the announcement of rebates for failed
opportunities; for example, if "he" pops a Viagra at 9 PM, unaware that
"she" has also taken a prescribed migraine medication at the same time.

There is also no word yet on the Viagra reimbursement policies of Medicare.
Some sources say that Medicare may limit those over 65 to six erections per
year, while others contend that erections are not even necessary for senior

In Washington, worried Republican leaders are proposing a life-time cap on
the number of erections that would be covered.  But the Religious Right is
threatening to shift loyalties, arguing that limiting the number of
erections is a form of artificial birth control and is inherently not "pro

NOW is reportedly considering legislative proposals that would require equal
opportunities for women to obtain Viagra for enhanced sexual lubrication.
Sources within BC/BS have reportedly offered to give women 70% of the amount
available to men, but NOW is insisting on full parity.

And in Key West, Florida, the City Commissioners voted to extend Viagra
benefits to Registered "Lifetime Partners" as well as married couples.  They
only last month enacted legislation to provide insurance benefits to those
employees who take out the $50 registration.  Initial reaction from BC/BS
was cold to the proposal, on the grounds that only one of the partners
should be allowed to have erections.

Meanwhile, Rooters News Service reported that the first Viagra-related
divorce suit was filed in Bryn Mawr, Pa, after a woman discovered three of
her husband's Viagra tablets missing from the medicine chest.  "I don't know
who got the benefits", the waitress said. "but I know I didn't get screwed,
I got stiffed!"

We'll keep you "posted" on this.

John D. Perry, PhD

Today's Quote:
   "It's only the 15th of the month,
    and I've only got one pill left!"

Subject: It's official, sex can make you blind.

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Subject: Viagra Update

USA Today reports that the American Academy of Ophthamology has called for
more studies of the impotence drug, Viagra, amid fears that it might
introduce vision problems in some people.

It's official.  Sex *can* make you go blind. ;)

 Forwarded-by: (Dave Hitz)

The drug that makes it hard ... to see.


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