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13 May
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Inseparable Pals

Olaf died in a fire and his face was so badly burned that the medical
examiner worried whether anyone would be able to identify the body.  He
called up Olaf's two good friends, Sven and Lars, to come I.D. the body.
Sven went in and the M.E. pulled back the sheet; Sven said "Yaa, he's burnt
pretty bad; how can I tell?  Wait; I know.  Roll him over." So the mortician
rolled him over, and Sven looked and said "No, dat couldn't be Olaf." The
M.E. said nothing, but thought it was kind of strange...

Then he brought in Lars to I.D. the body, and Lars looked and said "Yaa,
his face is burnt real bad, but there's another way to tell with Olaf; roll
him over."  Once again, the M.E. rolled him over, and Lars took one look at
his ass and said  "No, dat ain't Olaf."  The mortician was amazed and asked
"How can you tell?"  Lars said "Well, I always heard Olaf had two assholes."
"What?  He had two assholes?!" said the mortician. "Yaa, the whole town used
to talk about it. Every time the three of us would go into town, people
would say: "Here comes Olaf with them 2 assholes"...

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