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16 May
The Comedian's-eye View of 05/18/98

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 05/18/98

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Excerpted-from: 05/18/98 -- ShopTalk

                         Monday May 18, 1998

     "I talked to Marty last night, and he's working on the script.
      I guess as soon as it's good enough for him, we'll do it...
      I will play Frank and Tom Hanks will play Dino."
			- John Travolta telling "Access Hollywood" he will
			play legendary singer Frank Sinatra in Martin
			Scorsese's upcoming film.

[...and L. Ron Hubbard will play the godfather; it's perfect!  -psl]


Hillary on the Hill: A Democratic group wants First Lady Hillary Rodham
Clinton to run for president. "Her slogan: 'All the policies, none of the
sex.'" (The Daily Scoop)

Knick It in the Bud: New York City cabbies are talking about a strike.
"They're upset about rules that require drug tests, ban smoking and impose
fines for cursing.  Who do they think they are? The Knicks?" (Kenny Noble

"Is it a coincidence that India is testing nuclear weapons at the same time
New York cabbies go on strike?  I don't think so." (Tom Hughes Newsradio
680 WCNN Atlanta)

Jury Duty: An Illinois teenager faces a one-year jail sentence for using a
rubber band to fling a paper clip that hit a school employee.  "Requesting
a jury of his peers should buy the boy some time.  The students are very
busy smoking dope and having sex on campus." (Jerry Perisho)

Air Head of State: "When asked if he would run for president in the next
millennium, Dan Quayle replied: 'Only if millennium comes with a side panel
air bag.'" (Alex Kaseberg)

Global Motoring: "Thanks to the global economy, you will soon be able to
pay for a Mercedes and get a Chrysler." (Michael Feldman)

"Microsoft just unveiled Contribution 98. It seamlessly integrates their
lobbying efforts with the campaign coffers of Congress." Bob Hirschfeld

"Godzilla opens this week, which should move Ken Starr down to number two
on the Monsters Running Amok list." (Jim Rosenberg)

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