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WhiteBoardness - 5/18/98

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Monday, May 18, 1998

London, England:

U.S. astronomers think they have discovered a diamond the size of a planet,
the Sunday Times reported.

A star prosaically identified as BPM37093, located 17 light years from earth
in the constellation of Centaurus, has a diameter of 8,000 miles and a
massive density -- a teaspoon of its substance would weigh a ton, the paper

"We think that BPM37093 is primarily made up of carbon and oxygen in a
crystalized state," astronomer Steve Kawaler was quoted as saying.

"That would make it a diamond with a blue-green tint.  This truly could be
a diamond in the sky."

Scientists also think the new star, with a surface temperature of 12,000
degrees celcius and estimated to be between 11 billion and 12 billion years
old, will help them determine the age of the Milky Way.

"This finding will extend the lower limit of the age of the Milky Way and,
in turn, extend the estimated age of the universe," Kawaler said.

McMinnville, Oregon:

One prom. One boy. Seven dates.

One date is often a handful, but Luke Buchheit, 17, pulled off an incredible
feat by bringing seven young ladies to the prom.

As the big day approached, Buchheit didn't know who to invite so he asked
his cousin how many girls still had no dates for the big dance.

"I might have been half-joking at first when I said I'd take them all, but
then I thought, this might be kind of cool," he said.

So in the weeks before the May 2 prom, Luke made seven phone calls. Then he
ordered seven corsages and a boutonniere with seven rhinestones.

He also worked to raise $500 to buy eight prom tickets, his tux and an
eight-person dinner.

Seated at the head of the table, flanked by two rows of glittering females,
Luke couldn't help but feel it was worth it.

Men stopped to pat him on the back and grinned foolishly. An elderly woman
worked up the nerve to ask what everyone else was wondering:

"Does one of you have a date and the rest are going stag?" she asked.

"No," the girls said. "We're all going with Luke."

Though the girls joked about "Luke's harem," friendship overruled romance.
Many of the teens have known each other since kindergarten.

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