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21 May
Fun with Web censorship software

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Subject: Fun with Web censorship software

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[There's something both intensely pleasurable and intensely painful in  
watching self-righteous boobs whose horizons are so narrow that they feel  
their particular cultural expectations are the only right ones, as they  
presume that, no matter how ineffective (or outrageous) their attempt to force  
their expectations down other people's throats, some deity will intervene and  
make sense of it all.  For instance, I'm still amazed that anyone still  
thinks they can buy a computer program that can detect and block all instances  
of a "dirty" word, e.g. (F><U><C><K), much less recognize subtle sexual  
innuendo.  What can they be thinking?  Is it entirely a scheme to make money  
off the self-righteous boobs?  Are we seeing economic darwinism at work?   

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Sex, drugs, and Linux....

From: (Kevin E Cosgrove)
Subject: Re: Linux on CNN Crossfire

Organization: Tektronix, Inc.

In article <>, (Judith Lewis) writes:
> I wrote a column for the LA WEEKLY about Linux about a year ago;
> it seems more relevant now than ever & I'd appreciate it if someone
> read it now. It's archived at

	Could someone post the article or mirror it at another site?  My
	company access to this document is: "Access to this document is
	restricted.  Reason:  Illegal drug content."  Looking a little
	further it would appear that this site is on the "SmartFilter
	Control List"

	This reminds me of the time I tried to download software to read
	Linux partitions from Win95 from the URL but was denied access for
	"Sexual Content" reasons.  Eventually I did get to that site and
	there was not one bit of sexual content, only the software I was
	looking for.
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Subject: SmartFilter Control List

From: (Guy Harris)

[Edited from the original.  --Keith.]

The page at:

describes all the categories of "non-business related and therefore
unproductive for most employees to view during working hours" Web sites
that their SmartFilter product has.  ("Oftentimes, much of the content
may lead to avoidable human resource conflicts.", which I assume means
"Oftentimes, somebody may get upset because they see pictures of naked
people on somebody else's screen.")

The categories include:

	Alternative Journals

	Astrology  New Age  Alternative Medicines

	The "electronic magazines" included in the Alternative Journals
	category range from personal "E-Zines" to literary and
	culturally-oriented publication.  This does not include
	electronic forms of mainstream magazines and newspapers.  Some

	Broken Pencil - List of Alternative Journals

	HealingNet - Directory of healing events, resource guide to
	holistic med's.

	Spectrum Magazine - List of various alternative journals

	Sunrise Magazine - Spirituality, Crystals, Aromatherapy
	Criminal Skills

	Bombmaking  Burglary  Murder

	This category includes either instructions or identification of
	methods to promote, encourage, or provide the skills to commit
	illegal, criminal activities.  This includes such examples as
	bomb making instructions, lockpicking, computer hacking,
	burglary, murders, rapes etc.  Some examples:

	The Stalking Page

	Spectre Press - Spying information, computer hacking, bomb
	making, CB scanner, electronic warfare

	Guide to Lockpicking

	Bank ATM Secrets

	All Cults  The Occult  Satanism

	This category includes any URLs that reference cults or the
	occult.  Some examples:

	On-Line Guide to Major Cults

	Info-Cult - Helping Families of Cult Members

	Hell-On-Line - Guide to Satanism

	Satan's Playground

(The astute reader will note that this category includes both "helping
you to become a Satanist" and "helping you to free family members from
the grip of Satanism".) and:


	Personal Ads  Dating Services  Dating Discussions

	This category is comprised of topics related to dating and
	relationships.  This includes listings of personal
	advertisement, tips for attracting a companion, and other
	on-line dating services.  Some examples:


	Shy Man's Guide to Success with Women

	Doggie Dating - Finding a mate for your DOG!

	Job Search

	Classified Ads ... Resume Guides ... Job Databases

	This rapidly growing category includes anything related to a Job
	Search. It includes sites concerned with resume writing,
	interviewing, changing careers, classified advertising and large
	job databases. It also includes individual URLs within otherwise
	uncategorized sites listing job opportunities. For example, many
	corporate web pages also list the company's job openings. Some

	CareerMosaic - Employers, Networking, Resume writing, Job Fairs, etc.

	Rensselaer Career Development Center - Career Resource, Resume
	Book, Job Database, etc.

	Employment Search Productions - Offers videos to help in
	interviewing and job search.

	CareerResume - Largest On-line Resume writing service.

and my favorite:


	Useless Material  Not Categorizable

	This category contains URLs that are neither harmful nor offensive
	in a business situation, and do not fall into any of the previous
	categories.  They usual content for these will be along the lines
	of useless things.  Some examples:

	The Story of Joli & Chaco - Individual cat stories

	Girls Who Eat Ribs - Women who enjoy eating ribs

	The Switzerland Coke Machine

	Cool Jargon of the Day

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