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26 May
Cowboys & Women

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Subject: Cowboys & Women

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An old cowboy went into a trendy bar and sat at the bar.  As he sat there
sipping his whiskey, a young lady sat down next to him.  After ordering a
drink she turned to the cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"  He
replied, "Well, I've spent my whole life on the ranch herding cows, breaking
horses, mending fences, ... I guess I am."  After a short while he asked her
what she was.  She replied, "I guess I'd have to say I'm a lesbian.  I spend
my whole day thinking about women.  As soon as I get up in the morning, I
think of women.  When I eat, shower, watch TV,...  everything seems to make
me think of women."  A short while later she left and then a young couple
sat down next to him.  Soon they asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"  He thought
for a moment and replied, "I always thought I was, but I just found out that
I'm a lesbian."

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