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Weirdness [531] - 10Apr98

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.531 (News of the Weird, April 10, 1998)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* In March, trial began in Lesli Szabo's $1.7 million (US) lawsuit against
a Hamilton, Ontario, hospital for not making her 1993 childbirth pain-free.
Physicians said that painless childbirth cannot be achieved without the
anesthesia's endangering the child, but Szabo said she expected enough
comfort to be able to read or knit while the child was being delivered.
She admitted to previous run- ins with physicians, explaining, "When I'm in
pain, the [words] that come out of my mouth would curl your hair."  After
five days of trial, the parties reached an undisclosed settlement.

* In January in Union Township, N.J., Phyllis Klingebiel, who said she had
always had a "close and loving relationship" with her adult son Michael,
filed a lawsuit against him after he refused to share the winnings on an
October Pick 6 lottery ticket that paid $2 million.  According to Phyllis,
the two had pooled $20 a month each for tickets for more than 10 years, and
Michael had called her after the winning ticket was announced to say that
"we" had won, but then the next day, he called his mom back to say that the
winning ticket happened to be one that he had bought on his own.

* Two days after Arthur Downey's arrest in Phoenix, Ariz., in October,
during a drug bust in which an 8-year-old boy was detained as Downey's
runner, Downey (whose age was not given but who is at least in his 20s) told
the Arizona Republic newspaper that, actually, the boy was the boss and that
he, Downey, was the runner.

* According to a December report in PC Week magazine, on the recent Comdex
computer convention, the exhibitor Prescient Systems installed its new
Gotcha video surveillance software to record the construction of its
convention booth, as a tool to help sell the software once the convention
opened.  During the night following the installation, two convention-hall
guards, unaware that Gotcha was operating, broke into the Prescient booth
and stole two boxes of Pentium chips.  The guards were identified on
Gotcha's digital tape and arrested the next day.

* In December, a 24-year-old woman was charged with battery in Beloit, Wis.,
for allegedly hitting her husband with a plant stand, sending him to the
hospital for six stitches.  According to police, the couple had been married
for two months and fought frequently about sex.  That night, she was angry
that he had retired for the evening after only four episodes.

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