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5 Jun
Global Naming Conventions - PwC

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Subject: Global Naming Conventions - PwC

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Many of you may know (but why you all should care, I haven't a clue) that
my illustrious employer, Price Waterhouse, is in the process of merging with
Coopers & Lybrand, to create the world's biggest consultancy.

We will be advisors to the world's largest, wealthiest, and most powerful
companies. We control the vertical.  We control the horizontal. Do not
adjust your set.  White collar armies of the world, lend me your ears!!

[Back to the regularly scheduled program:]

  In the pipe for months, now that they have regulatory approval from all
the "important" governments of the world, they've told all of us who have
been waiting with bated breath what the _new_name_ will be.

--  Did they take the opportunity to create something new and interesting?

--  Did they stay the traditional route, and just call it Price Waterhouse,
Coopers & Lybrand ??

--  Did they simply abbreviate it to PWCL, following KPMG's (Peat Marwick)

No, no, and no.

They went with some weird compromise, trying to keep the PW name together,
give semi-equal footing to both firms, and try to retain whatever kind of
brand recognition they can.

  The new name??   PricewaterhouseCoopers.

One word.
One very long word. It'll be a hit in Germany.  The logotype has the 'Price'
and 'Coopers' in a nice, blocky Roman font, with 'waterhouse' offset with
various different letter baselines in between, presumably to give it less
emphasis, and make the C&L guys forget that _we_ get 2/3 of the name, and
they get the smaller portion.  (I guess they got what they deserved from
the marketing consultants they hired.)

BTW, the official abbreviation will be PwC.
Maybe we'll pronounce it "pwick".
I'm going to feel like I have Tourette's syndrome, with a lisp.

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