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7 Jun
The Comedian's-eye View of June 8, 1998

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of June 8, 1998

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Excerpted-from: ShopTalk -- June 8, 1998

                         Monday June 8, 1998

                 "It's one thing to be idiosyncratic.
                  It's another to be idiotic."

			      NBC's Bob Costas on Dennis Rodman's absence
			      from the bench Wednesday (he was in the locker
			      room riding an exercise bike to stay loose)
			      forcing Coach Jackson to use Dickey Simkins


The Votes Are In: "And congratulations to Jerry Brown, who was elected mayor
of Oakland.  Brown said this is merely a stepping stone toward his ultimate
goal, which is to become emperor of Mars." (Jay Leno)

More on the Mayor: "Jerry Brown, elected mayor of Oakland, has great
credentials.  He spent eight years in the governor's office and about two
decades in space." (Albert Perrotta)

And the Loser Is: IN the California governor's race, the big loser was this
political newcomer, Al Checchi, who spent $40 million and has nothing to
show for it.  "Today, Ken Starr said, 'Tell me about it.'" (Leno)

Checch This: "Forty million bucks on his campaign for governor. Forty
million to finish third.  That's kind of like the Lakers."

Raise Your Right Paw: "Ken Starr wants Secret Service agents to testify.
He wants the White House lawyers to testify.  He wants private advisors to
testify.  He even wants personal secretaries to testify.  The man is totally
obsessed.  He was last seen on the White House lawn, trying to get Buddy to
speak." (Argus Hamilton)

Take Me Out: "The Seattle Mariners' new ballpark, which will open next
season, will be known as Safeco Field after the team sold the stadium's
rights Thursday to the insurance company. Kids get in free on "Accidental
Death & Dismemberment" Night! (Jim Rosenberg)

Challenged Spice: When Ginger Spice announced she was leaving [the Spice
Girls], a reporter mentioned to the remaining four that they are now a
quartet.  "To which one of them replied: 'Please, no math.'" (Chris Pina)

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