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9 Jun
Bluegrass in the Post Office

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Subject: Bluegrass in the Post Office

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Three musicians, a fiddler, a guitarist, and a banjo player, work together
at the post office.  Every Friday they notice that their boss leaves work
a couple hours early.  So one Friday they decide that when the boss leaves,
they'll all leave, too.

Comes three o'clock, the boss leaves and so do they. The fiddler goes home
and immediately starts practicing so he won't waste the time. The guitarist
goes home and uses his time changing his strings and learning lyrics. The
banjo player goes home and decides to take a nap. As he approaches the
bedroom he hears moaning; he opens the door a crack and, seeing his wife in
bed with his boss, he turns around and leaves the house.

Monday the fiddler and the guitarist are talking about going home early
again on Friday. They ask the banjo player if he wants to leave early again
and he emphatically says, "No!" They ask him why not, and he says, "Because
I damn near got caught last time!"

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